Tourists Start Visiting Tanah Lot

Tourists Start Visiting Tanah Lot

Since it was opened in early September, the Tanah Lot Bali tourist attraction has begun to be visited by tourists. Tourist visits continuously come until there is an increase every day. Especially before the opening of international tourism, tourist visits were increasingly flowing. “After Tanah Lot was opened in early September 2021, there was an increase in domestic tourist arrivals of up to 1,000 people per day,” said Operations Manager, Wayan Sudiana, on Wednesday (Oct 13).

Sudiana emphasized that since Wednesday (Sep 8), when the tourist attraction was opened for the first time, there were only 180 tourists. After that, it increased day by day and on weekend it reached over 1,000 people. Visits were dominated by domestic tourists. Until now, only a few foreign tourists who make a visit to Tanah Lot. While in operation, the most visits occurred on Sundays which touched 1,000 people. “From the time it opened until the end of September, a total of 10,775 tourists had visited,” he explained.

During this period, Tanah Lot tourist attraction requires every visitor to download the PeduliLindungi application to obtain vaccine certificates and Covid-19 data. When viewed from the actual area for Tanah Lot, actually it can reach 5,000 people. However, when viewed from the maximum limit of the PeduliLindungi application, it can only accommodate 1,000 people. “While making a visit to Tanah Lot, visitors are required to apply the Health Protocol in a disciplined manner,” he explained.

In addition, visitors must also scan the barcode on the PeduliLindungi application. This is to make it easier to search and check the vaccination certificates of visitors. In addition, while in the Tanah Lot area, every health protocol is monitored because there are roving officers in the upper area and the beach area. “Masks can only be removed when taking documentation or eating and drinking,” he said.

During this pandemic, the price of ticket admission is still the same as before. The entrance ticket to Tanah Lot Bali is divided into domestic and international visitors. For domestic tourist, child is IDR 15,000 and adult is IDR 20,000, while for foreign tourists, child is IDR 30,000 and IDR 60,000 for adult. (BTN/015)

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