Truntum Kuta, New Brand of Grand Inna Kuta Ready to Provide More Quality Services

Truntum Kuta, New Brand of Grand Inna Kuta Ready to Provide More Quality Services

Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG) is again carrying out a rebranding program for State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) hotels in implementing the roadmap from the Ministry of SOE. This rebranding program is part of innovation, adaptation and collaboration in an effort to support the rise of Indonesia’s tourism sector and creative economy. The rebranding from Grand Inna Kuta to Truntum Kuta was effective from October 11, 2023, a moment of major change in the history of 62 years of operation.

Not only that, this transformation is also the first measure as a new chapter in the hotel’s long history, which is a form of commitment to always providing an unforgettable and more meaningful stay experience for guests by conveying authentic Indonesian culture and hospitality. This rebranding was inaugurated at the Truntum Kuta Rebranding Reveal Celebration, Wednesday (Oct 11).

Truntum Kuta is the third hotel that undergoes rebranding. The first one is the Hotel Merusaka and Truntum Padang. Next, similar rebranding will be carried out in Jogjakarta and Surabaya. “We are doing this in stages to see the market potential of each hotel,” said Muhammad Isran, President Director of PT Hotel Indonesia Properti, together with Rizal Ruriko Kasim, President Director of PT Hotel Indonesia Group.

This transformation includes the identity of the Truntum brand, one of the four-star hotel brands owned by the Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG), which is taken from the batik motif in the form of flower petals meaning ‘love’ that grows again and becomes a symbol of unconditional, eternal, increasingly and growing sincere love. So, the Truntum brand concept has a deep meaning in line with the commitment given to guests. Hopefully, guests will have the opportunity to experience local culture in Bali. Similarly, Truntum, which reflects the values of warmth, friendliness and attention, will be given to every guest who stays at Truntum Kuta in the future.

Apart from that, the meaning of love is not limited to the Truntum brand which aims to provide a sense of comfort for guests so that their stay will feel like they are living and being in their own home when visiting and spending time on holiday in Bali. This is provided so that guests can feel unlimited love and hospitality while staying at Truntum Kuta. So, it’s not just a stay experience, but guests also get services from the heart as a form of love, attention and sincerity provided by Truntum Kuta employees. (BTN/014)

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