TT Beach Club Holds the Biggest Reggae Festival in Indonesia

TT Beach Club Holds the Biggest Reggae Festival in Indonesia

Before reaching one year old, Cattamaran Beach Club has quickly become the most sought after beach club in Bali. Moreover, this beach club has been named The Best Beach Club in Bali by many local and national media. With the charm of Melasti Beach and the shimmer of white sand that is beautifully paired with the charming orange glow of the sunset, it’s no wonder this beach club is a favorite, especially with a range of Pool Party Series and Sandikala Majestic event held every week.

“Now, Cattamaran has officially welcomed a new name, namely TT Beach Club which means Tropical Temptation. With the tagline, “Simpler Life, Better Experience, Stronger identity, with The Same Love”, it is ready to innovate and committed to always providing an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, but still providing the same touch of love, so that TT Beach Club is expected to have a strong identity and become a top priority destination while in Bali,” explained Gratika Ekawati – Marketing Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality, on Tuesday (Jul 5).

Along with this new look, TT Beach Club is holding the Biggest Reggae Festival in Indonesia named KATCHAFEST that will be held on Melasti Beach on Saturday (Aug 6). With a target of 10,000 people attending, in accordance with the title of this event, it will invite a legendary Reggae Band from New Zealand namely Katchafire as the main guest star. “Not only that, a number of well-known reggae stars from the archipelago will also enliven the biggest reggae festival this year, such as Ras Muhamad, Ulu Roots, and other prominent DJs,” affirmed Gratika.“As we know, Katchafire itself has been successful with five studio albums and got many awards, platinum sales, best-selling single to a large fan base. This legendary band has also celebrated 20 years in the music scene since its new LEGACY album tour around the world,” concluded Gratika. (BTN/014)

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