Tumpek Kandang Ceremony at Bali Safari Park

Tumpek Kandang Ceremony at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park, as an animal conservation agency in Bali, carried out the Tumpek Kandang ceremony every six months in Balinese calendar or 210 days to be exact on Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Uye or Saturday (Aug 27). The ceremony took place at the Banyan Area of Bali Safari Park starting at 16:30 Local Time. Interestingly, the ritual activity became a cultural attraction witnessed by visitors to Bali Safari Park. “The implementation of Tumpek Kandang celebration is an expression of our gratitude to God,” said Husbandry Manager of Bali Safari Park, Ayudis Husadhi.

The prayer procession was led by temple priest and attended by the keepers of the animals and the animals at the Bali Safari Park. The participating animals included the baby of orangutans, Kintamanian dogs, pythons, ponies, civets, pangolins, Sumatran elephants and various types of birds such as Macau birds, parrots, toucans and cockatoos. The animals were prayed for while being sprinkled with holy water. They also seemed to have understood and calmly followed the prayer procession with the keepers.

At Bali Safari Park, this kind of ceremony is also love expression of Bali Safari Park for the animals looked after. “Through this prayer, we pray for the animals at Bali Safari Park in order they can live healthily, prosperously and can breed well,” explained Ayudis Husadhi happily.

Previously, Bali Safari Park has succeeded in breeding various endangered animals. This year, a total of 16 Komodo dragons successfully hatched naturally at Bali Safari Park in March 2022, and the newest one is the Babirusa chick born in May 2022. For information, in 2021 at the Bali Safari Park got the birth of 2 hyena puppies, 1 zebra puppies and 1 pygmy hippo pup. (BTN/015)

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