Tumpek Uye Celebration at Sangeh Monkey Forest

Tumpek Uye Celebration at Sangeh Monkey Forest

When seeing various types of fruit brought, the monkeys as residents of the Nutmeg Forest in Sangeh Monkey Forest tourist attraction were immediately happy. They ran to the sack bearer coming with fresh fruits. Some walked slowly, while some others ran very fast. After the fruits were spread, the four-legged animal immediately ambushed and then ran up the branch and chewed them. While the monkey holding its baby walked slowly but still got the fruits.

It is the atmosphere at Sangeh Monkey Forest during the Tumpek Uye celebration, a ceremony that honors animals on Saturday (Jan 29). The type of fruits given to the otonan (ceremony) of the animals included banana, cassava, rambutan, star fruit and snakefruits. The amount of given was almost the same as the amount of food given daily by the object operator. However, there were several additional types of fruit than usual. “The monkey feed was provided by the Badung Livestock Service, a forum for veterinarians who care about animals, and SMAN 1 Abiansemal High School,” said Operations Manager of the Sangeh Monkey Forest, Made Mohon.

On the same day, a cleaning activity took place centered in Mumbul Park, Sangeh customary village. This clean-up action involved students from SMAN 1 Abiansemal high school and the Sangeh community starting at 07:00 Local Time. “As usual, we from the Sangeh customary village carry out the Tumpek Uye ceremony starting at 09:00 through 10:00 Local Time. The Tumpek Uye celebration is carried out with the Badung Government centered in Mumbul Park, Sangeh village,” said Chief of Sangeh customary village, I Gusti Agung Bagus Adi Wiputra.

The Tumpek Uye celebration was in accordance with the theme “Danu Kertih,” and attended by Regional Secretary of Badung Government, I Wayan Adi Arnawa. The ritual to glorify animals psychically was done by putting offerings. After that, it was resumed with releasing fish seeds, several types of birds and vaccinating people’s pet dogs. (BTN/015)

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