UHA Collects 70 Bags of Blood in Series of Its Anniversary

UHA Collects 70 Bags of Blood in Series of Its Anniversary

There were 110 donors who registered for the blood donation activities at ARMA Resort Ubud Wednesday (Nov 8) in the series of the Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) Anniversary. However, of the 110 people registered, only 70 people qualified for the requirements, so that 70 bags of blood were collected. “We hope that this blood donation event can inspire members, partners and the community to jointly support this noble mission,” said the Blood Donation Coordinator at the UHA Anniversary, Herman.

The activity was collaborated with the local Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). Donors were not only from the UHA members, but also from agencies and associations in the area, which has received 110 donors. “There are several people who have come and wished to take part in this event, but we are sorry to refuse them considering that time is very limited. We would like to thank Arma Resort, which is also a member of UHA, PMI Gianyar and the community who already donated their blood,” he said.

UHA encouraged individuals of all ages and backgrounds to participate in blood donation. Donors had the opportunity to make a real impact by donating a little of their time and blood, potentially saving the lives of many people. “As an association that focuses on human resource development, hopefully this blood donation activity will be beneficial for all parties and help our brothers and sisters who are in need,” emphasized the Chairperson of the UHA 19th Anniversary Committee, Putu Surya.

Putu Surya, who is also the current Vice Chairperson of UHA, stated that in line with the blood donation, the anniversary celebration would be continued with a Cleaning Blitz in the river area of Ubud several days after the blood donation. Furthermore, there will be an HR Workshop, Fun Badminton Competition and Zumba, Ubud Chef Competition, and Ubud Latte Art Competition in early December. “UHA would like to express its gratitude to the esteemed sponsors and partners who have provided great support for this event and made it a meaningful event for the community,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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