Uni Restaurant & Bar at Berawa Reopens

Uni Restaurant & Bar at Berawa Reopens

There is something new when Uni Restaurant & Bar is reopened. Entering a new chapter, the restaurant located in the Berawa area presents an innovative new menu. Nevertheless, it still focuses on seafood where Uni’s new menu is very prominent with Japanese flavors, both for dishes and drinks. All of the unique and delicious menus are handled by the famous chef, Steven Skelly.

While mostly Japanese in origin, the dishes also have a modern influence through the innovative modern cooking techniques mastered by Steven Skelly. For example, the choice of raw dishes alternates with some of the old dishes that are already popular (such as the hero dish and prawn roll), plus new dishes including salmon confit with grilled leeks and radishes, and crispy skin coral trout, miso eggplant, and sauteed spinach. “Prawn rolls, we attained great success that’s why we keep it on the menu,” said Steven.

Steven is extremely confident that the new dish will also turn popular, such as prawn and snapper gyoza as well as the fresh crudo selection, which changes every day. Special Japanese dishes are also served, including grilled wagyu beef cooked over Hibachi grill served with braised turnip and red wine sauce. “The signature tasting menu will still be available,” he said happily.

Steven’s previous experience is reflected in the Uni’s new menu when Chef Steven led two of Australia’s finest seafood restaurants, including Sydney’s iconic Pier Restaurant and Fish Face Restaurant. He hoped the new dishes will highlight the quality and variety of locally sourced seafood, and allow the restaurant to have close relationships with Indonesian suppliers and local fishermen. “Bali has great seafood and so do its suppliers,” he said.

As a match for the Japanese taste of Uni, Denny Bakiev from Mexicola Group together with Uni’s resident mixologist, Jordy Outra, introduced a new range of cocktails that reflect Japanese bar culture, specialty spirits and unique ingredients. Steven admitted that he is proud to be able to serve up some of the best seafood menus on the Island of the Gods, a testament to what the restaurant and its owners can provide.

Some of the signature cocktails include Kamikadze – tequila, soju, white tea, pear, yuzu, and Okinawa Fizz–Japanese gin, Cocchi Americano, golden berry, pomelo and tonic, “I’m excited to be able to use really fresh and modern Asian ingredients and then mix them with Uni’s modern Japanese focus into the cocktail menu. Uni’s drink list will continue to grow. And a special gin selection is under preparation,” Denny explained.

To contrast with the traditional Japanese design reflected in the wooden exterior and sushi bar-style kitchen, Uni has also added new art objects. There is a collection from Paris-based Yazz and some collections of New York graffiti artist, Rostarr. The eclectic interior provides the backdrop for a series of alternating weekly and monthly events with special pop-ups to be announced in the near future along with monthly yakitori nights as well as the popular Kitchen Series held every Friday night. (BTN/015)

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