Various Endek Enlivens Fashion Show at Four Star by Trans Hotel

Various Endek Enlivens Fashion Show at Four Star by Trans Hotel

It was beautiful and very attractive. The girls strolled around while introducing various fashion designs made from endek fabrics. The fashion models and motifs presented were unique, creative and drawing attention. All the invitees, mostly women, were fascinated by the presentation of the models. Their eyes focused on one point, namely the clothes worn by the models. The housewives sometimes applauded as they were amazed by the various fashion designs appearing at that time.

It is the Sunday Fashion Show & Lunch taking place at Four Star by Trans Hotel on Sunday (Sep 26). It took place at 11:30-14:00 Local Time and was opened by Mrs. Sally Mantra and attended by craftsmen and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players in Denpasar City. The Fashion Show showcased various designs posing the result of the collaboration of several Balinese local designers, such as Rhea Cempaka, Dewi Anyar and Katrin Suthajaya. The fashion show was also packaged in the concept of raising funds through an auction, and followed by a buffet lunch and various attractive prizes for visitors.

The Balinese designers presented fashion shows with the colors of Balinese fabrics, including the endek woven fabric combining the elements of clothing which is rich in Indonesian art and culture. In addition, Selly Mantra, a community leader and social observer, donated a collection of endek fabrics to be auctioned to raise funds. The funds raised will be used to support Bali’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). “I am very grateful and appreciate the committee for today’s charity event,” she said.

Through such activity, she hoped that together we can share with our brothers and sisters in need. Many of them are experiencing adversity during this pandemic. Aside from in the field of tourism, it also experienced by various sectors. So this method is expected to help people with disabilities in Denpasar and Bali in general,” she added.

Meanwhile, Hotel Manager of Four Star by Trans Hotel, Allen Stevano, stated that we are very pleased to be able to host this event which must be very impressive. This activity has a social message in raising funds to mobilize MSMEs in Bali. “We also appreciate the support from all sponsors such as Prudential, Orang Tua, Sunaka Jewelry, New Melati, Bali Alus, La Prissa, Springfield, Story, Fruju and Kamaratih, as well as from LVCNC Management and Bali Travel News media partners for the success of this event,” he said happily. (BTN/015)

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