Vegan Chicken Salad Offered at Standing Stones Restaurant

Vegan Chicken Salad Offered at Standing Stones Restaurant

Repeatedly, in doing daily tasks, there are times that are tiring for our bodies. Anyone can be exposed to a disease with the body in such condition. We can do many things to protect it. Eat regularly, consume vitamins and exercise regularly. Then, get enough sleep, and socialize with people around us and don’t forget to relax our bodies.

Along with the development of science to maintain health and to stay healthy, nowadays there are many types of diet that you can live, one of which is vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a diet that focuses on eating foods made from plants.

People who follow this vegetarian diet will customarily avoid foods coming from animals such as beef, poultry, pork, or even seafood. “In addition to health, choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is also a form of respect for fellow living beings in order to create a more caring and humane world,” said Chef Sujaya at The Royal Purnama on Friday (Apr 16).

Chef Sujaya or Chef Jay has joined The Royal Purnama since 2014. Previously, he joined Mozaic Restaurant, Metis and even had a chance to pursue a career at Nihiwatu. According to him, at The Royal Purnama Villas, there are vegan menus ranging from appetizers to desserts (appetizer, main course and dessert), while for the Vegan menu package currently on offer is Delight Vegan Foods that can be your option.

“We provide all types of food for all people, especially those who are undergoing a special vegan diet, but it can also be enjoyed by the general public who want to try this type of food because it has been prepared in such a way as to present a delicious taste, of course,” said Chef Jay

Vegan Chicken Salad is a favorite food for visitors here because it is made from natural or organic ingredients and processed with special handling so that it can present food with an authentic taste.

Meanwhile, Noviyanti Poetiray, Marketing Communication of The Royal Purnama, stated that in addition to Delight Vegan Foods, her party can make according to guest requests, if any. “Take this opportunity to enjoy the Delight Vegan Foods available every day at Standing Stones Restaurant – The Royal Purnama Villas,” said Noviyanti. The Royal Purnama is located on Purnama Beach on the Jalan Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra-Sukawati, Gianyar area. (BTN/014)

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