Villa Kayu Raja and The Evitel Resort Ubud Donate to Suwung Landfill

Villa Kayu Raja and The Evitel Resort Ubud Donate to Suwung Landfill

Villa Kayu Raja and The Evitel Resort Ubud held a Cleaning Blitz activity and shared alms to the cleaners and scavengers at the Suwung Landfill. This activity is a joint effort to clean the environment and process source-based waste as an implementation of the Tri Hita Karana. “Tourism is not far from nature, and of course we need to protect and preserve nature, starting from the smallest place, where we work and the surrounding environment,” said General Manager of Villa Kayu Raja, Gede Nik Sukarta, on the sidelines of social action activities, Friday (Sep 30).

This social and environmental care activity has become the agenda of the management of Villa Kayu Raja and The Evitel Resort Ubud. In addition, this social activity is in the context of implementing the Bali Gubernatorial Instruction Number 11/2022, concerning the Tumpek Wayang Day Celebration with the Jagat Kerthi and/or Atma Kerthi Ceremonies as the Implementation of the life norms of Balinese community based on the values ​​of local wisdom of Sad Kerthi in the New Era Bali.  “We are very grateful, the alms of a mouthful of packaged rice and enough water have reached the hands of the needy,” added Nik Sukarta happily.

Clean-up activities as well as reducing the use of single-use plastics are effort to protect the environment, so that Bali tourism, which has returned to improvement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is maintained in terms of quality. Apart from protecting the environment, the revival of Bali tourism should not be tainted with negative things. Moreover, it is a criminal problem, it will tarnish the image of culture-based Bali tourism. “Similarly, it can disturb foreign people’s trust on the Island of the Gods which is famous for being calm, safe, comfortable and peaceful. Maintaining the trust of guests is very difficult,” concluded Nik Sukarta. (BTN/015)

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