Villa Kayu Raja Celebrates Its Anniversary with Full of Creativity

Villa Kayu Raja Celebrates Its Anniversary with Full of Creativity

A family-filled atmosphere colored the 12th anniversary of Villa Kayu Raja, Seminyak, Saturday (Oct 14). All staff and employees were so cheerful taking part in various activities held by us and for us. The anniversary celebration started from the villa yard by releasing peace balloons containing banners signed by all staff with words of gratitude and affirmations, hopefully the universe would bless all staff, families as well as in-house guests of Villa Kayu Raja.

This also includes other stakeholders, such as travel agencies, owner and other supporters. All of them were expected to be healthy, happy and lucky. “The release of doves as a symbol of peace for all living beings are also enlivened with torchlight as a form of enthusiasm to work better and be able to contribute to protecting the environment and serving every guest excellently,” said General Manager of Villa Kayu Raja, Gede Ricky Sukarta, in his speech.

After that, the event was resumed to the villa’s restaurant area which included group prayers and singing of Indonesia Raya, the anthem of Indonesia, along with art performances, playing with children in the form of traditional games in the form of singing Meong-meong followed by the children of Villa Kayu Raja’s staff.

Interestingly, there was a presentation of a creative competition using recycled materials with the aim of being able to implement Eco Green concept and help ensure sustainable tourism in accordance with Villa Kayu Raja’s 12th anniversary theme namely “Grow Together Sustainably and with Eco-Friendly Manner.”

Such occasion was also filled with the awarding of the Best Employee of the Year award to employees who excelled at work. The highlight of the event was then marked by cutting the anniversary cone and cake witnessed by all the participants in attendance. Ultimately, the event was then graced with door prize distribution and closed with amicable post-dinner chats. (BTN/015)

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