Villa Kayu Raja Thanks for Blessings on Its 11th Anniversary

Villa Kayu Raja Thanks for Blessings on Its 11th Anniversary

Celebrating an anniversary is always expressed with wonderful and sweet words. This also happened to the celebration of Villa Kayu Raja’s 11th anniversary on October 15, 2022. The celebration began with the sentence that all were given excellent health and happiness both physically and mentally. All participants who were present smiled happily because they were able to return to serving guests after almost 2.5 years of being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The commemoration of the anniversary was filled with the release of birds. After that, the peak activity was resumed with cutting cone.

General Manager of Villa Kay Raja, Gede Ricky Sukarta, stated that the 11th anniversary was filled with various activities applying the Tri Hita Karana concept. The activity began on September 10, precisely on the full moon of the third month in Balinese calendar, holding pilgrimage activities to North Bali, including the Melanting Temple, Pulaki Temple, Kerta Kawat Temple, Pucak Manik Temple, and Pabean Temple. After that, on October 10 coinciding with full moon of the fourth month, the staff prayed together on the piodalan day in the temple of Villa Kayu Raja.

The 11th anniversary of Villa Kayu Raja took the theme The Power of Giving in Challenging Year 2022. Peak of the event was attended by all staff and invited guests. Various activities such as releasing balloons into the air and releasing pigeons as well as opening the event on that day jazzed up the celebration. “We also form and instill the Spirit of the King of Villa Kayu Raja by lighting a fire on a torch as a symbol of the burning spirit and reading the spirit with all the staff of Villa Kayu Raja,” said Sukarta.

In the pawongan (social) aspect, Villa Kayu Raja conducted training in preparing for the redefining of the pandemic having been going on for three years. In addition, the staff also attended trainings in accordance with standard procedures and aspects of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE). “Especially in September, Villa Kayu Raja also carried out free rice distribution activities in the Petitenget Temple Beach area and Suwung Landfill,” he added.

As for the palemahan (environmental) aspect, the mutual assistance activities were held during August-September in accordance with the instructions of the Bali Provincial Government and the existing gubernatorial regulation such as environmental cleanliness, cleanliness of business premises, and its surroundings. In addition, his party also collaborated with related associations by carrying out Cleaning Blitz Implemented activity to clean up the villa area and the area around the Petitenget Temple Beach. “We also give appreciation and recognition as well as The Best Employee of the Year and Department of the Year awards to employees,” he concluded.

On the 11th anniversary, Villa Kayu Raja is still grateful for the blessings of God because starting in March 2022 the government opened the tap for the economy, especially Bali tourism, and it was marked by the arrival of many people from Java and other places on the Island of the Gods. “Honestly, the Villa Kayu Raja got a blessing having worked hard and worked together. We were finally able to get through the Covid-19 pandemic for approximately 2.5 years. For our hard work and prayers together, we are blessed by God in June this year and began to crawl in harmony with the Bali tourism business starting to be visited by foreign tourists,” he said happily. (BTN/015)

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