Want to Get Cool Photos? Just Take Them at Gelar River

Want to Get Cool Photos? Just Take Them at Gelar River

Everyone probably has been familiar with river. However, if the river is clean, cool and natural, maybe not many people will be able to find it. Well, you are getting curious, right? Once upon a time, you came to the Gelar River located at Gelar Sari hamlet, Batuagung village, Jembrana. It is the main attraction in West Bali, offering serenity and natural beauty. From a distance, you can see hills with green valleys covering the natural atmosphere of the river with clear water flow, so that tourists keep coming to the location.

The location is very strategic, so it is easy to reach. To get there, visitors can go through two rural routes, which can pass through Batuagung village and through the direction of the Kresna Jvara Stadium at Sawe Rangsasa hamlet. If from the highway of Negara town, the distance is about 8 km. The river is still very beautiful and has not been touched by hands of ignorant human. To the north, you can see a green protected forest as a water buffer. “Because of the clarity of the water, it can tempt every visitor to feel its freshness,” said the Head of the Jembrana Tourism and Culture Office, Kadek Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi.

The view that is not less interesting is the antique Red Bridge over the river. The scenery is very enchanting, when you see the shadow of the bridge in clean and clear water. The bridge is the main access for the people of Batuagung village. This happens because the bridge cannot only be passed by pedestrians, but the wooden hallway of the bridge makes the bridge quite sturdy and wide in size, so that it can also be used for motorbike crossings.

Incoming visitors often spend time relaxing and enjoying the scenery around the bridge. Moreover, the beautiful panorama found on the Gelar River Bridge is always tempting to linger. The air is cool because the area around the river is a green and shady. “The main activity that tourists often do while visiting is hunting for Instagrammable photos. In this river area, there are indeed many locations that can be chosen as photo spots. The most wanted pose is taking pictures on the bridge, while enjoying the panoramic view of the river,” said Mirah.

Apart from taking photos with the Red Bridge of the Gelar River as the background, visitors can also pose in the river area. Young visitors often choose to take pictures in the river area while playing in the water. If aspiring, visitors can bathe and swim while in the Gelar River. “In order the holiday activities can be maximal, make sure you bring a change of clothes. If you have a problem with eating, you do not need to worry because not far from the Red Bridge of Gelar River, you will find traditional food stalls that provide various types of food. If you stay longer, stay at the accommodation available in the area,” he said in full. (BTN/015)

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