Warasana: Early December International Tourism Opens, 2021 Tourism Grows

Warasana: Early December International Tourism Opens, 2021 Tourism Grows

When there is news that the border of international flights will be opened at the end of 2020, tourism players look happy. Surely, with the opening of foreign borders, it will open up opportunities for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia and Bali in particular. “We still hope that the international border will be opened at the end of this year, so there is optimism in tourism. Honestly, if the border is not opened, we will have no work in tourism,” said General Manager of Purana Ubud, Ketut Warasana.

Even though domestic tourists have been open since July 31, 2020, it is rather difficult for him to arrange domestic tourists to travel to Ubud. If there are domestic tourists, they only stay for one night, while on the next day they will go to another area. Therefore, on weekend, tourist visits have not been felt. “That’s why the international border must be opened, so there is trust and confidence that Bali tourism is still alive,” hoped the man from Singaraja.

This Ubud Hotel Association (UHA) Committee then proposed that if only there is formation of opening the border on particular date, there will be a reservation. It is just like the plan to open international tourism on September 11, 2020, immediately saw a lot of reservations. However, after canceling, the tourists immediately canceled, too. “If international tourism is opened, we have made preparations, including the implementation of health protocols. Moreover, Purana has prepared a pick-up to the airport by car having complied with health protocols,” he said.

Since the provincial government of Bali has implemented the New Era of Bali life order since last July 9, Purana Hotel already implemented it. Moreover, the implementation of the New Era Bali life order has also been accompanied with the application of health protocols by preparing hand washing stations, hand sanitizers and body measuring devices. Apart from having to wear masks, the hotel area is also regularly cleaned up with disinfectants. This is meant to create a clean and safe hotel area. “We implement the health protocol, including in the room,” he added.

The man who is active in the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) organization hoped that with the opening of the Monkey Forest Tourist Attraction on November 5, 2020, Ubud will start to have life, so that it will affect the hotel occupancy. Tourists who make a trip to the Monkey Forest will stay 1 night at a hotel in this international village. “Suppose that international tourism will be opened on December 5, 2020, the Bali tourism will expand in 2021. Don’t be pessimistic, just look at some countries having already opened. Hopefully, the vaccine has been distributed, so the international tourism will be opened soon,” concluded Warasana. (BTN/015)

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