WFO from Inna Bali Heritage Hotel

WFO from Inna Bali Heritage Hotel

If you happen to be on vacation in Denpasar City and want to keep your office work done, both can be done from Inna Bali Heritage Hotel. The accommodation is located at the zero point of Denpasar City, Bali, precisely on Jalan Veteran No. 3 Banjar Lelangon. This package complements the work from hotel or Work from Hotel package. During this pandemic, the package for an office at this hotel is quite perfect. “We provide office space for those who do not have an office when working from Bali. This package complements the working package from hotel,” said General Manager, Ketut Ari Sulistiari, on Wednesday (Oct 1).

This hotel office package will be very helpful for managers and businessmen who are on vacation in Bali to still be able to complete their work. This package also helps save expenses because you do not have to rent a space for a certain period of time. If the contract is for a short time, of course it will be more expensive and inefficient. For those who have a large office and many employees, this hotel package will be an effort to keep the distance, but can carry out their duties well. “We offer several rooms to be functioned as offices equipped with electrical facilities, tables, mineral water, tea, coffee and refreshment,” she explained.

The length of the office depends on the requests of the guests. If they want three days, a week, a month and even more will be prepared. Some of the rooms have been rearranged to become an office with garden view like real office. Rooms at Inna Bali Heritage Hotel have garden views, so the atmosphere will be cool and feel like your own office. “Some customers has already purchased the package. There are lawyers, private companies and others who are still based in Bali. They have an office at this hotel related to the implementation of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) which continues to be extended,” said this calm woman.

Ari Sulistiari admitted that the packages being offered have been heavily promoted through Social Media, online travel agencies and sales calls by visiting government offices, schools and associations. It also includes promoting meeting venues with complete facilities. “In terms of security, we have sterilized with a disinfectant, carried out general cleaning in all rooms and hotel areas. Moreover, the Denpasar City Health Workers team has checked and it is declared safe to be opened for tourists,” she said.

This historic hotel equips its employees and staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as wearing masks, face shields, hand gloves and head coverings in preparing various menus. Cleanliness is maintained and the ingredients are thoroughly cleansed before cooking. “By the time we started on September 7, tourists had already started arriving. Currently, 15 percent of the rooms are occupied by Balinese local guests. There are also events such as meetings from private companies, gatherings for PKK women, and tomorrow there will be a Bali Bangkit central vaccination program,” she added.

The guests also trust us because this hotel has complete facilities. They can wash their hands, clean their hands with hand sanitizer, and do temperature checks to ensure their health. It has become a new habit for tourists who will stay at hotel. Places for washing hands are prepared before entering the lobby, in the restaurant, and in the rooms. Special hand sanitizers are prepared in restaurants, front office, meeting rooms and other tables. “Incidentally, we just got the PeduliLindungi barcode yesterday, so guests are also obliged to download it,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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