When Traveling to Bali, Make a Visit to Mini Zoo-like Satria Bird Market

When Traveling to Bali, Make a Visit to Mini Zoo-like Satria Bird Market

When the school holidays arrive, parents who already have children may find it a little difficult to think about which tourist destination to visit to spend their holiday time with their little ones. One of the tourist destinations that many people visit with their little ones is usually a zoo, orchards or perhaps a playground in a shopping center (mall). When you spend vacation with your children, you definitely have to go to places that are child-friendly and at least there will be insight or knowledge that they will get after returning from the tourist spot.

This time we suggest a place that you can visit with your little ones, even for animal lovers, especially birds, of course, located in one corner of the Denpasar City, Bali, that you should not miss. If you travel to Bali, you must visit the Satria Bird Market, it is like a mini zoo. This is an animal market, especially birds, which will be the right choice to invite your little ones to see various types of animals, especially birds. Bird lovers may definitely want to visit the biggest animal market in Bali.

The Satria Bird market is located right on the edge of Jalan Veteran No. 66 North Denpasar. It is not far from Denpasar Grand Palace. This market, established in the 1980s, is visited by many animal lovers who want to purchase animals for the purpose of keeping them. Initially, the largest bird market in Bali was not immediately established as widely as it is now, previously this market only had an area of around 6 meters by 15 meters, with the number of sellers you could count on fingers and the types of birds being sold at that time were not so many.

While at the Satria Bird market, you will not feel like you’re at an animal market, but instead like you are in a mini zoo because you can find various other types of animals there other than various birds. The birds that can be found at the Satria Bird Market include straw-headed bulbul, robins, starlings, sparrows, doves and other rare birds and birds that were brought in from outside the Island of Bali.

The price of birds here is not so expensive, everything depends on the type and uniqueness of the bird. For example, if the bird is rare, the song is good and the color is beautiful then the price is set at millions of rupiah. General prices in this bird market start from tens of thousands to tens of millions, and the birds here are definitely in good health.

For those who do not really like birds, they can see various other animals in this market. For instance, various types of chickens, reptiles, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, ornamental fish and many more can be found here. The prices for animals other than birds are not so expensive either because everything depends on the type, size and uniqueness of the animal.

Like markets in general, in this bird market you can also bargain the price until the end the sellers give the best price. In this market, one stall can sell up to hundreds of birds of various types plus other animals, but not as many as the number of birds. Likewise, there are stalls available here that sell various equipment for pets ranging from cages, aquariums, pet food, multivitamins specifically for animals to accessories for animals. If you deliberately bring your little ones to this bird market, do no forget to give them a little knowledge about the types of animals they encounter here or if possible, buy your little ones a cute animal for them to keep at home.

Public facilities at this market are quite good. For example, there are public toilets and ample parking space for cars and motorbikes. There is absolutely no charge to enter this market area, just prepare money to park your vehicle. If you want to visit this bird market, it’s best to come in the morning so that you can look around freely and the market is not too busy in the morning. Then, make sure to use mask because the pungent and strong odor of various animal droppings. (BTN/014)

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Anin Eka

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  • Rose
    December 4, 2023, 12:38 PM

    Do not support this cruelty by visiting the market! These animals are caught, transported and housed in unethical ways, often taken from the wild. If you go, you will see animals are suffering in small dirty cages, many already dead or dying, which may be very distressing to children and adults alike. Wild caught animals also pose a huge risk of disease, so I would not recommend going, even out of morbid interest.


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