Wild Air Restaurant, “King of Culinary” in the World’s 4th Best Tourist City

Wild Air Restaurant, “King of Culinary” in the World’s 4th Best Tourist City

Quoting from a CNN Indonesia article, the City of Ubud, Bali, managed to rank fourth in the list of the 25 Best Cities in the World by the Travel and Leisure website in 2021. Ubud’s ranking is below Istanbul in Turkey, and above Kyoto in Japan. No wonder Ubud remains an idol for local and foreign tourists, apart from presenting beautiful views of Ubud, the culinary offerings also add to the plus value of Ubud itself.

Wild Air Restaurant, which is a member of Ini Vie Hospitality, as the “Champion” of Hospitality Management in Bali, has been regularly named The Best Restaurant in Bali by TripAdvisor. This venue to eat is located at Kaamala Resort Ubud, a resort that was once named The Best Hotel in Bali by TripAdvisor, also offers a sensational view of Ubud and is equipped with public infinity pool, hammock, and cabana facilities which certainly add different values ​​when guests enjoy culinary there.

Recently, Wild Air Restaurant has also released a new menu that carries the very appetizing Western–Asian food concept such as Kale Salad, Salmon Beet Cured, Classic Seafood Seaweed Salad, Tuna Avocado Tartar, Baby Lobster, Salmon Couscous, Plecing Chicken Grilled, Pork Belly and Gindara Yellow Curry to beautiful desserts such as Tiramisu Moringa Panna Cotta that adds to the sweet atmosphere of the guests with partner, family or the loved one. Apart from the taste, the exclusive and beautiful presentation makes the eyes of those who see it cannot wait to eat it immediately.

Aside from the menus mentioned above, a series of other menus that are no less delicious and legendarily typical of the Wild Air Restaurant can also be made into the right choice, especially for those who are interested in enjoying Indonesian specialties.

“We have obtained the Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate, making every guest who comes more secure and comfortable here,” said Marketing—Branding Manager, Gratika Ekawati, on Friday (Dec 3). (BTN/015)

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