Wow, Kekeran Village Offers Beautiful Terraced Fields

Wow, Kekeran Village Offers Beautiful Terraced Fields

Fresh, natural and amazing are the appropriate words to describe the terraces at Kekeran Village, Busungbiu, Buleleng. The terraced rice fields against the blue sky offer a beautiful view. Moreover, the green plants make the atmosphere more natural so as to attract everyone who passes by. Well, it has become a habit for everyone who is traveling through this area to stop for a moment and take that beautiful moment.

For the people of Kekeran and Busungbiu, this may be ordinary, but for city residents or tourists this is something extraordinary. Just imagine, the beautiful terraced scenery is not only in Jatiluwih Village and Ceking area, but also at Kekeran Village that is no less interesting. So do not be surprised when people who live in cities or outside Bali who witness this natural destination will get amazed. They want to linger just for watching the terraced rice fields.

When the villagers work on their rice fields, they carry out very unique cultural activities. This has become a special attraction, so that the Kekeran Village terraces are not only known to domestic tourists, but also to foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists have visited and enjoyed the beauty of this Kekeran Village terrace. “When tourism in Bali was normal as it used to be, foreign tourists often took photos in this rice field area. However, recently after the Covid-19 pandemic, only local residents are passing here,” said an old farmer who is actively working on his land.

The vast expanse of rice fields and fresh air become comfort for tourists who like the main natural scenery like such terraces. Tourists who like trekking in rice fields and rivers can make this destination in their itinerary. Moreover, some of the terraces are equipped with several gazebos that can be used to sit back and relax with family while enjoying lunches prepared from home. The food will be definitely more delicious because it is enjoyed while watching the beautiful terracing aura.

Well, if you are traveling to North Bali and then stop by at the Kekeran Village terraces, it can become one of the mainstays of the Busungbiu Subdistrict tour. The location is not too far, approximately 59 minutes’ drive to the west from Singaraja town and about 2 hours for a trip from Denpasar City. During the trip, it must be fun because every village you pass is always interesting to tell. So, on vacation later, take a trip to the terraces of Kekeran Village, Buleleng. (BTN/015)

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