Yeh Gangga Beach Club, a Place to Hang Out Yeh Gangga Beach

Yeh Gangga Beach Club, a Place to Hang Out Yeh Gangga Beach

Just stop by at Yeh Gangga Beach Club by Uname, located in the Yeh Gangga Beach 1 area, Banjar Yeh Gangga, Sudimara Village, Tabanan. Tranquil nuance, sparkling black sand and sunset on the cliff of love at dusk make this venue very beautiful and the right place to visit to release saturation. “This dining place is perfect for families because the prices offered are very affordable,” said COO of Pramana Experience, I Wayan Suarsa, on the sidelines of the re-opening of the Yeh Gangga Beach Club by Uname on Saturday (Dec. 19).

Uname, a brand of the Pramana Experience F&B Division, introduced a new unit with a very unique concept. Even though it was opened during the pandemic, Yeh Gangga Beach Club is optimistic that it will succeed in the F&B industry in Bali, especially in the Tabanan area. The menus served are combination of local and international flavors consisting of Indonesian food, Chinese food and Western food.

Similarly, it is equipped with a swimming pool, rooftop bar and bean bag on the beach for customers wishing to enjoy the beauty of the beach. “Our target market is the people of Tabanan, especially those in urban areas to be able to relieve fatigue, so that the feeling of being stuffy is treated,” he added.

Head Chef, I Made Robby Sanjaya, who indeed lives in Tabanan, said that it is the first time for him to work in the Tabanan area. Prior to the opening, Pramana Management already checked the hygiene of all in order to comply with the health protocols recommended by the government.

It has been checked by the Tabanan Health Agency team, so that the company dared to open. All the requirements have been carefully prepared. “I am quite grateful for the trust from Pramana management to operate the Yeh Gangga Beach Club. I just joined and have participated in the CHSE training before doing business,” he said.

Meanwhile, the owner Wayan Kotio stated that the opening of Yeh Gangga Beach Club is expected to help the economy of the surrounding community through the creation of job opportunities and help the government to promote Tabanan tourist destinations, namely Yeh Gangga Beach.

As a matter of fact, it was opened in December 2019 before Covid-19 pandemic. Actually, it has even started to be crowded and known to people because the presence of a pool. “When Covid-19 was announced, it was then closed to comply with the government’s recommendation. And now, we reopen it,” he said happily.

The Yeh Gangga Beach Club is reopened because it already has a venue that meets the health protocol requirements and to drive the existing economic condition. “We also buy goods, so the people’s economy, especially in Tabanan, can move. Besides, loyal visitors have asked questions, so we feel optimistic that it will be able to run even though during the pandemic,” he said.

The presence of this restaurant has a lot to do with the beach environment which was once dirty and neglected, but now it is clean. People, including all staff of the restaurant, must care about cleanliness. “Prior to the opening, there was economic problem around Yeh Gangga. The area was quiet and the sand had a lot of dirt. However, once opened, it can create job opportunities. Hopefully, this can develop, especially this tourist area on Yeh Gangga Beach. We will continuously contribute to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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