Yoga Activities at Om Ham Retreat and Resort

Yoga Activities at Om Ham Retreat and Resort

For yoga enthusiasts, of course you know Om Ham Retreat and Resort Ubud. During this pandemic, the yoga retreat located on Jalan Tirta Tawar, Banjar Junjungan, Ubud, Gianyar, is a little different. The activity is carried out with a new era of life realized by the strict application of health protocols. Even though it becomes a new habit, all of the activities seemed to be carried out as usual. “Since Bali has lived a new era of life, yoga activities at Om Ham Retreat and Resort have been accompanied by the implementation of health programs,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Geo, on Wednesday (Nov 24).   

The morning air feels healthy and fresh. The warmth of the sun rays gives the spirit of various types of animals in the fields. The aura of joy is felt in the hearts of everyone in the area. People come from various regions for a healthy cause. Before entering the resort area, yoga participants are required to wash their hands first. After that, the Om Ham team checks the participants’ body temperatures. The initial stage of implementing this process cannot be separated from the use of masks for both yoga participants and the Om Ham team.

After registering and settling payment, the yoga participants are then escorted to the Yoga Hall, the venue where the yoga class takes place. Prior to that, they are advised to bring their own yoga mat. If they does not bring it, a yoga mat will be provided by Om Ham where it has been washed regularly to avoid viruses. In addition, disinfectant spraying is carried out before and after the yoga class throughout the room and all the yoga mats used.

Interestingly, yoga participants are required to apply social distancing or maintain a distance during yoga classes. The capacity is maximally 50 participants and it has now been adapted to 20 people. At the beginning, they also carry out a PeduliLindungi scan, tracking cases so they would not spread wider. “Implementation of this process has brought about a change in the yoga teaching system, from direct movement correction (touching) to instructions from a yoga teaching center,” he assured.

The yoga participants never feel worried and anxious about the health of the yoga venue. Yoga room at Om Ham is a semi-outdoor located on the fourth floor which is the highest floor of the resort building. The air circulation is very safe, and hand sanitizer is also provided for the participants and yoga teachers during the yoga class. All the participants and teachers are also required to wash their hands after the yoga class ends.

Please be noted that yoga is not a new activity known to the public nor an activity solely to fill in spare time. Yoga is an exercise of body and mind that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing. If you look at it, yoga is like a sport that is easy to do, but provides various benefits for the human body. In addition to mental health, yoga can also launch the respiratory system, improve blood circulation, train focus and body balance, as well as improve the body’s immune system.

Along with the development of tourism in Bali, and with increasing public awareness of the great benefits of yoga, yoga in Bali has become one of the most popular tourist activities for local and foreign tourists. “Om Ham Retreat and Resort is one of the resorts in Ubud with the concept of a Wellness Retreat, where yoga has been a permanent program since the resort was founded,” said this man.

The yoga practitioner does Kundalini Tantra Yoga, which is the signature yoga of Om Ham Retreat and Resort. This yoga was created by Ketut Arsana as the owner of the resort known as Om Ham. The current condition is a big challenge for Om Ham to maintain his yoga existence, such as introducing and reminding the local community of yoga, to implementing health protocols when doing yoga activities. This is also supported by the staff and employees who have been vaccinated twice.

One of the yoga participants, Naomi, admitted that she had always wanted to practice yoga. However, she only gets a chance during this pandemic. It also happens that she now lives in Bali. Previously, she lives in Jakarta. After looking for references on the internet, she decided to go to Om Ham to meet Ketut Arsana. After three months of regularly following yoga, the effect felt is extraordinary. “My body feels lighter. In the past, it was difficult to focus on one thing, and now the level of focus in me has increased,” she said.

Gabriella, an online yoga participant from the United States, admitted that after 3 months of attending the class she was very grateful to be able to take care of her health. She also never worried about the spread of Covid-19 during the yoga class with the implementation of strict procedures. “We are happy with the existence of online yoga which is very helpful for yogis who couldn’t come to Om Ham felt the tremendous energy. Yoga from home can cure the longing for Om Ham,” said the yogi who has been taking yoga classes for more than 10 years with Ketut Arsana.

Indeed, Kundalini Tantra Yoga which is the identity of Om Ham Retreat and Resort has been known by local and foreign tourists. Other than due to its benefits for physical and mental health, it also happens because of the strict implementation of health protocol. “During this pandemic period, Om Ham Retreat and Resort provides a special 50 percent discount promotion for yoga classes specifically for the Indonesian citizen, which is not only for offline classes, but also for online classes. Let’s implement a healthy lifestyle before it is too late,” concluded Geo. (BTN/015)

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