Yoga Activities during Pandemic with Om Ham Retreat Ubud

Yoga Activities during Pandemic with Om Ham Retreat Ubud

Do you love yoga? Or do you want to know and learn breathing techniques properly and correctly? Get involved in yoga activities at Om Ham Retreat, a three-star hotel located on Jalan Tirta Tawar, Banjar Junjungan, Tegallalang, Gianyar. Apart from offering a calm and peaceful atmosphere, this accommodation is very close to the tourist area of ​​Ubud, Petulu white egret tourist attraction, Ceking Terrace and handicraft centers made of bamboo or wood.

Om Ham Retreat comes with a very wonderful natural view. Rice fields and the activities of local residents are prominent with cultural activities. Besides, the area has a positive aura, so that it is good for doing yoga activities. This breathing activity is supported by complete facilities, so it is very comfortable to do breathing exercises at this hotel. “Om Ham has a social program that invites as many people as possible to do good breathing techniques, and then breathe consciously,” said Managing Director, Ni Putu Sawitri, on Friday (Feb. 5).

These days, people often breathe vertically and such type of breathing is out of sync with the body. Moreover, people recently often use masks, so they have limitations in breathing and inhaling fresh air. “Om Ham invites people to learn breathing techniques through yoga classes. In this program, we also introduce yoga techniques which are free,” said this energetic woman.

Meanwhile, Marketing & Media Relations of Ubud Hotel Association stated that anyone can participate in the yoga activities in order to be able to experience this breathing exercise properly and correctly because it is taught by well experienced instructors. “After enjoying yoga, if you wish to enjoy swimming pool facilities, you can buy Pool Package. Even if you do not buy a package, that’s okay. This is a social program that we need for the community,” he explained.

Om Ham has been runing the business in the field of wellness and healing. With the concept of wellnes, it is more important to help people during this pandemic. Nowadays, everyone is experiencing hardships and difficulties. Maybe there is pressure here and there, so Om Ham invites people to do yoga. “Let’s start yoga, so that our bodies are healthy, our immunity increases, and the most important thing is that we breathe well and consciously when having the opportunity not to use mask in the open air,” he said.

In addition, Om Ham invites the public to come along and start doing yoga activities. People do not have to come to Yoga classes, but they can also do it at home. “So, there are a number of movements that can be practiced at home at spare time, or in the morning about 5 – 10 minutes. We also focus on breathing techniques. So, we are promoting this campaign on our social media and friends. When more people taking part in this program, they are expected to have a positive impact on society to support health,” he hoped. (BTN/015)

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